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Me again

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Ah the peace and quite, the hubby has taken the little noise makers out for the afternoon and I can actually hear myself think, the only noise are the birds tapping on the roof of the office!!! Well I have been a busy bee, and am very proud of my strawberries, IF ONLY I COULD EAT A RIPE ONE, those damm birds again, will have to get some cover for them soon, it also made me think of the tomatoes, will I have to cover them as well?, I am loving this move we made, downsizing the house, living a more sustainable life, the kids are eating things from the vege garden, nice!!! and I finally have a warm workroom, even though it is nearly summer, ah summer, time for the happy faces to come on again. The dolls and toys are going well and I still have loads more ideas to come, so watch out, I love sewing. Bye