I made it

After reading so many overseas blogs i thought, surely there is a NZ site, and I found it, (i’m currently freezing my but off in my workroom!!!) I have a wonderful collection of vintage fabrics (much to my husbands horror) he found this out after our last move and we have moved to a smaller house, so no more hiding places!!! I have been slowly using them to make gorgeous toys for kids, its going well, but I have too many ideas and so little time, my time is wasted on cleaning, washing, reading blogs, plus the two rugrats, who claim everything I make, the kids are beautiful, my daughter thinks everything I make is for her, she finally has some of her own!!! Anyway I have finally got a label and trade me is going well, designs are slowly being drawn and made up, and my first photo album is going into kindy, I will tackle the market one day, not to keen on the early starts!!!!! My son is a keen drawer and has drawn a delightful character, so we are going to make him up as well and any that I sell can go to him, anyway must carry on, lunch to be made

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