I was hoping to get here more often

With the weekend out of the way, I am finally getting back on track, and the Lilypop doll has emerged, the first one has already found a home and I am happy with where she is going. The horse and the new bear pattern are going to have to wait, Lilypop has many sisters that have to be sewn, plus a few other toys in between, its amazing how may great sites there are where you can sell your wares, and the amazing people and ideas, my brain and ideas book is constantly in a whirl!!!. The son is pestering me to make up his toy, he done a fab job at school with his hand sewing, he’s only 5, and I was amazed at his persistance to finish it, we are going to make it into a cushion one day. The 3 year old is always keen to give helping hand, I have had a conversation with a few parents lately about the simple things being lost, like sewing and cooking, my mum has noticed it with a group of girls that she takes for crafts and things, they don’t have the exposure to sewing and baking, mums recent craft adventure involved cutting out lots of circles to be gathered into flowers and buttons sewn on, just this simple task of a running stitch and sewing on a button was enough to get the girls enthused, plus it was a mothers day craft and the receivers were delighted!!! Think about doing a sewing craft with your kids, even if it is just sewing a running stitch around a shape and stitching on a few buttons. bye for now

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  1. gentle1 says:

    Lovely to find a fellow crafter.
    I’m curious to know if you live in a city, town or rural area. I’ve found that town and rural people are far more inclined to turn their hands to the practical and creative arts than city people.
    When I lived in Auckland, I got the feeling that my love of gardening, cooking and sewing was looked upon as quaint, a bit odd or downright strange. When I moved to a farm in North Canterbury, I found that not only do most people do these things, it’s expected!
    Have you read The Loving Stitch by Heather Nicholson?

  2. snuggleb says:

    Hi, I am living in the city, but do come from a rural background, my mum was a typical farmers wife, sewing, bottling fruit etc, I am finding now that I am making and selling my wares alot of people are really appreciate the handmade touch and love to come and have a look at my workroom, happy sewing.

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